Get the Legal Representation You Need

Get the Legal Representation You Need

Trust Anderson & Pittman for litigation law service in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, VA

Nobody wants to go to court-but you might have to if you find yourself involved in a civil suit. Let Anderson & Pittman, PC stand by your side.

We practice litigation law for clients all around Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, VA. When you hire us, you'll work directly with a litigation attorney who will guide you through the legal process. We'll take your statement, craft your case and defend your rights.

When you're facing a legal challenge, allow Anderson & Pittman to join you in the fight. Talk to us today about your specific legal issues.

Allow us to tackle your every legal battle

Litigation law applies to a wide variety of situations. With the help of a litigation attorney in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, VA, you can get assistance with:

  • Evictions - We'll defend you against removal from your home
  • Partitions - We'll help your family agree on property distribution
  • Personal injury situations - We'll help you fight for compensation after an accident
  • Tax cases - We'll help you handle an audit
You don't have to deal with these battles by yourself. Trust Anderson & Pittman to stand up for you in court. Speak with us now to discuss your situation.